Smart Solutions is a leading provider of HR services in the Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.

Benefits of line personnel from Smart Solutions

  • 1
    Having an extensive database, we can provide employees with the necessary skills in the required quantity within a few days from the date of the application.
  • 2
    You can recruit any number of employees to perform the required tasks and for any period. The geography of our offices allows us to attract both local employees and staff from Ukraine
  • 3
    The skills of our personnel match the professionalism of the full-time employees at your company. Each employee can pass the certification in the required specialization and join your project with competencies necessary to perform the required tasks
Наталья Мищенко
Natalia Giryak
Business Development Manager

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Staffing from Smart Solutions

Experts of Smart Solutions can provide employees with the necessary qualifications: loaders, pickers, cleaners, forklift drivers, cashiers, cooks, waiters.

Trained staff

  • With the required skills
  • In the necessary amount
  • Right on time

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