Smart Solutions has opened a representation in Hungary

Smart Solutions continues to actively develop and provide high-quality HR services at the international level. We are happy to announce that in July 2023 the company expanded its geographical presence by opening a new office in Budapest, Hungary.

Such an important step makes it possible to strengthen international ties and multicultural cooperation and promotes innovative development, ensuring mutually beneficial growth for all interested parties.

We would like to remind you that Smart Solutions is part of the Eclectic Talents Groups ecosystem of outsourcing businesses. It unites 11 companies, has 9 international offices and serves more than 500 regular customers, actively working on the global market for 14 years.

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The priority areas of activity on the territory of Hungary have become:


  • Staffing. We help Hungarian enterprises of all sizes and fields of activity to find and attract employees for various tasks and projects.
  • Blue-collar workers recruitment. We simplify and accelerate the process of finding and hiring specialists who have the necessary skills and experience for work in the fields of production, construction, warehousing, hotel and restaurant business, etc.
  • Recruitment of highly qualified professionals. We conduct an active search and selection of the best personnel for companies that have strategic ambitions and need to fill key positions with unique knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering, information technology, finance, marketing, etc.


We do everything possible so that organizations can forget about the routine processes of hiring employees and related costs for personnel support. We take care of all aspects of recruiting and personnel administration, providing significant savings in money and time.


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The fact that the company’s database contains more than 15,000 workers ready to work not only in Hungary but also in Poland (Katowice), the Czech Republic (Prague) and throughout Ukraine, where Smart Solutions has its offices, also helps to optimize the process.


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We focus on understanding the needs of clients and provide an individual approach to candidate selection. Our goal is not just to meet the needs of the business here and now, but also to contribute to its stable development and success in the future. 

“Our team knows how to find high-quality employees for any industry, according to the unique requirements of our clients. Thanks to experienced recruiters and modern candidate assessment tools, we can attract not just high-quality specialists, but real talents,” emphasizes Artem Nikishov, managing partner of Smart Solutions Europe.

We do not stop at what we have achieved, we continue to develop and scale relentlessly to help as many companies as possible in the world. Smart Solutions is not just an HR provider, but also a real strategic partner that helps to quickly respond to market challenges and achieve desired business goals.